Any change for someone with autism and/or other complex needs can be very difficult. Moving home can of course be stressful for any of us.


The multiple changes that can be associated with such a move, whether in terms of relationships or physical environment for example, can be highly challenging and distressing for someone with complex needs. This can be the case, particularly if moves are poorly planned and supported and if the person’s needs and wishes are not properly considered or kept central to the move.

When someone moves to Community Places, we ensure that the move happens in a planned and measured way, ensuring we fully understand, through prior assessment, the needs and wishes, strengths and difficulties of that person. If somebody needs to come into our services urgently, we will of course support this by employing the same principles to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

We are keen to establish early on and before admission where possible, at least to some degree, what may be the most appropriate pathway of care from that point on for the person concerned. This may be within Community Places or involve a move to another provider, which becomes increasingly relevant as people progress through our services towards greater levels of independence.

In all the above, we consider that proper partnership working is central to all decision making and action. We therefore work closely with the person supported in our services, their family/carers, service commissioner and all other key parties, to ensure that plans are developed and enacted in the best interest of the person we collectively support.