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Your Home


Community Places is the service user’s home and is made as

comfortable as possible for their enjoyment. We support the service

users with a wide range of activities and how to access the local community. We will help/encourage you to meet new people with similar interests.


What do we offer you?


• We listen and support you to learn new skills

• We provide activities and support you in the community. We   support you with college or looking for work.

• We help you to make friends and have good relationships.

• We help you with your money and getting the right benefits.

• We help you with going to the Doctors, Dentists and other medical people.

• We take you on holiday

• We provide transport

Visitors to your home


You can have visitors at any time that is ok for you.

They need to sign in the book when they arrive and leave.


It is good for visitors to phone before coming, so they know you are in, and you know they are coming.


If you do not want people to visit, you can tell staff and they will respect your decision.



You can have a small

pet here, but talk with other people living here and the Manager first.

Meals & Drinks


We will support you to go shopping for your own food, and help you cook and eat it.


If you find it better for you, we can have the food sent here and cooked by our kitchen staff. Support staff will sit and help you each week to write a menu, giving you ideas about healthy food and meals to eat.

It is important to have healthy food, and we will always support you to make healthy choices.


Some other people like Doctors, Nurses, and Dieticians may also help with food that is good for you.


You can eat in the dining room or in your own areas if you prefer.


Support staff will write down what you eat and drink to keep you safe and healthy.


If you are over 18 years old, and understand what alcohol is, then you may drink sensible amounts, if your Doctor says it is ok. If you are taking any medication it may not be safe to mix with alcohol.



If you go to a place of worship as part of your religious faith, Support staff will respect this, and help you to go there when you want to.

Service user Meetings


When you live here, it is important for you to say how you feel, and talk with people about things that you may want or need. Other people living here may also want to talk together about things. We will arrange meetings with you to talk about these things.




If you can take your own medication safely, that is really good. If not, support staff will help you. We have lots of rules around taking medication safely and you can have a copy of our policies if you would like them.



We aim to take you on holiday for one week each year. If you would like more holidays, then we will help you make these plans. You may then need to use your money to do this.

Your Money


We will help you to manage your money. You may have family or a social worker who will also help with your money. The area council or Health department where your family live will pay for you to live here. You may need to pay some money too but we can explain this with you. Support staff will help you use your money safely and carefully. We will make sure that you have access to all the benefits that you should have.



You may not smoke inside the home, as other people live here, who may not smoke. You may smoke outside in an area of the garden. If you want to stop smoking we can support you to do this. It is not good for your health to smoke.



If it is safe, you can have your own mobile phone. We can support you to use this safely. You can ask staff to use the home phone at any time.

Moving out  


If a service user expresses wishes to move out then four week’s notice will need to be given. If a person temporarily moves out e.g. to receive hospital treatment their place will be kept open for them.

Fire safety


All staff are trained, so know what to do if there is a fire in the home. You need to go outside if you hear the fire alarm with staff and not go back inside until Fire man says it is safe to do so. You must never stay inside if you hear alarm, unless staff say it is a test and ok to stay inside. You may have a practise where you will go outside, and there is NOT a fire. Support staff will always keep you safe, if you follow their instructions.

Complaints & Questions


Anyone that is here at your home can make a complaint if they are not happy about something. We have a form to fill out if you or they want to make a complaint and the Manager will sort this out.


You can also contact:


Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Yorkshire and Humberside



Newcastle Upon Tyne



CQC make sure that you are being kept safe in your home all of the time.

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