Community Places objective is to ensure that we meet the needs of each individual, and therefore anyone who is considering using our services will receive;


  • The information they require to enable them to make an informed choice, we will provide an individual service user guide, describing what to expect from the service, details of the complaints procedures and how to use them. Details of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and a copy of our most recent inspection report.

  • A full and comprehensive assessment of need and wishes, we will involve the service user, their family members, carers, advocates and social workers, or any other person who is in a position to contribute, or help to establish an independent view of what the individual wants.

  • An opportunity to visit the service on an introductory basis, which is planned and managed thoughtfully and sensitively, to ensure compatibility with others who use the service.

  • A service which is designed to meet the needs and wishes of the individual, and which respects, their culture, and background, and which offers opportunities for choice and empowerment. The service will be regularly monitored and reviewed, and adjusted to meet changing needs.

  • Even when an external assessment of need has been provided, it is still necessary to identify whether Community Places services are able to meet the individual needs. Taking into consideration their personal history, looking at both recent times and past experiences. Significant relationships networks, including family and social contact, communication skills, needs and methods. Employment, further education, and other skills and abilities. We will assess mobility and sensory function, behavioural and support needs, and we place particular importance on management of risks. Goals and aspirations, compatibility with other service users, medication, physical and health care requirements, support for dietary requirements, and to ensure that all needs in relation to culture, faith ethnicity, race and age are taken into consideration.

  • Community Places is wheelchair accessible, with lift accessibility to first floor bedrooms, and bathrooms. Community places can provide specialised equipment, to assist wheelchair users with mobility issues.